The 7 Best Trampolines for Young Children

The right trampoline can provide hundreds or even thousands of hours of entertainment to your kids. Some models can even hold enough weight to be fun for the entire family. But how do you choose the right trampoline for your family?

There are several factors to consider when buying a trampoline:

  • Your kids’ age – Toddlers and kids up to 7 will be just fine with a round trampoline, but if they want to keep jumping you’ll have to upgrade to a sturdier rectangular trampoline. It’s generally recommended to invest in a trampoline you can keep throughout the years right away but these trampolines are significantly more expensive.
  • How it’s used – Are your kids trying to do tricks on the trampoline? Are they going to want their friends to play on the trampoline with them? Are you going to jump on the trampoline too? All of these things impact how big the trampoline has to be.
  • How many springs it has – The higher the number of springs, the longer your jump mat will stay sturdy and continue providing awesome jumps. This is particularly important if you or your kids are trying to do tricks on the trampoline.
  • How large the springs are – Longer springs allow you and your kids to jump even higher and will last longer than shorter springs
  • Steel Frame– Galvanized steel frames are much more weatherproof than regular steel. Look for a trampoline that has galvanized steel on both the inside and the outside if you really want your trampoline to last a long time
  • Safety features – These days most quality trampolines come with an array of safety features like padded corners and safety nets. Make sure the holes in the safety net are small enough that zippers and other accessories can’t get stuck in them as this can cause injuries.
  • Ease of assembly – If you’re buying a big trampoline it goes without saying that you’ll need help setting it up, but some trampolines are exceedingly difficult to put together even when you have a bunch of people helping you. Most of the models chosen below are heavy but easy to put together
  • CostTrampolines vary in price tremendously, from as little as $100-200 to as much as $1500+. Avoid anything under $200 as these trampolines are usually poorly made and won’t last very long, but don’t feel like you need to spend $1500 to get the highest quality. Many trampolines in the $700-800 range are as good as the most expensive trampolines and sometimes they’re even better.

The Best Trampolines

Now that you know what you’re looking for, check out these awesome trampolines:

1. Infinity Trampolines

Infinity Trampolines are the trampolines you want if you want to be able to jump around on it with your kids. These trampolines feature a 600 pound fully galvanized steel frame, allowing them to hold up to 550 pounds safely. All Infinity Trampolines come with a tall safety net and the poles holding the safety net up are fully padded to further prevent injuries.

You can purchase Infinity Trampolines in multiple sizes. The largest Infinity Trampoline comes with 124 nine inch springs.

2. Olympus Pro

Olympus Pro was created by one of the most well recognized trampoline companies, Trampoline Jumpers. It is their only trampoline with a fully galvanized 9 gauge 3mm steel frame, making it strong enough to hold up to 550 pounds and durable enough to last for many years. The Olympus Pro also comes with a lifetime warranty just in case anything does happen. Please note that the parts of the Olympus Pro are quite heavy and you’ll want some serious helping hands on board when you put this trampoline together.

3. Zupapa

Zupapa trampolines vary in size from 12 to 15 feet and are extremely simple to put together. The safety net is quite tall and the trampoline also comes with a rain cover and a bag you can put shoes in when you’re jumping.

4. Skytric

This 15 foot trampoline features a top ring safety net and a foundation built with sturdiness in mind. Its fully galvanized steel frame doesn’t have as much weight capacity as some on this list(330 pounds) but it is extremely weather resistant. It’s also extremely simple to put together so your kids can be jumping in no time at all.

5. Skywalker

Designed for families with multiple small kids, the Skywalker trampoline can hold up to 200 pounds and comes with a variety of safety features including a No-Gap frame. You can also purchase the Jump N Dunk model which adds a soft basketball hoop.

6. Super Jumper Combo

Ideal for kids over six, the Super Jumper Combo trampoline gives your kids more space to jump around while keeping them safe with a tall mesh safety net. The poles are also lightly padded to further prevent injury. An extra safety pad is used to cover the springs, making this one of the safest trampolines you can buy for your kids.

7. ACON Air 4.6 15-Foot Trampoline

The ACON Air is designed for both kids and adults to enjoy and features a fully galvanized steel frame that will resist most weather damage. They also provide a 5 year warranty in case anything does actually go wrong.


Still not sure which trampoline is right for you? Check out reviews of the trampolines you’re considering and see what other families have to say about it before you actually go out and make a purchase. Spending time on research might seem like a drag but you’ll be grateful that you did when your kids are still enjoying their trampoline several years from now.

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