Eco-friendly Health Clubs

Eco-Friendly Health Clubs on the Rise

With environmental concerns developing around the world, many health clubs have taken a step in the right direction and are incorporating eco-friendly features in their health club facilities. Reducing the impact that your health club has on the environment can work towards cutting your operating costs, and increasing your contributions to keeping our planet the way it is – green.

Ways clubs are going eco-friendly

  • Reducing the energy use of machines and the facility as a whole
  • Reducing waste
  • Increasing recyclables
  • Use self-powered exercise equipment – like the Bike 700 SP
  • Add a green roof to your building
  • Use infrared saunas that are 40-50% more energy efficient
  • Make your bathrooms and water usage more efficient
  • Wash towels with high-efficiency machines
  • Stock local organic drink and snack choices

Examples of clubs going green

Clubs such as The Green Microgym in Portland OR, used human energy alongside solar panels to power their gym equipment. They saved 37,000 kilowatt hours, which comes out to 74,000 pounds of carbon emissions. Their website says that properly run gyms can use about 85% less electricity and their carbon footprint is about one tenth of that of a traditionally run gym, per square foot. A member at their gym saves around ¼ ton of carbon compared to if they belonged to a traditional gym.

Another club in New York City: Green Fitness Studio if constructed entirely from natural materials, like bamboo floors. Many of the other building materials are recycled materials, re-manufactured workout equipment, and eco-friendly lighting. They are “working towards being a total mind and body fitness center working towards a healthier community and a healthier planet”.

The result

As eco-friendly gyms pop up, other facilities will be prompted to make changes at well or be at risk of losing some environmentally conscious members. This is great for the environment, and gives fitness goers incentives to make green choices when picking a gym.

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