Best Exercise Options To Compliment Regular Yoga

Yoga offers plenty of health benefits. It can help you become fitter and have a better outlook in life. Attending regular sessions can tone your muscles, increase your mobility, improve your balance, and condition your body. However, attending a few sessions a week will not be enough to give you a continuous self-improvement. You will still need to supplement your regular yoga classes with other workout types for a better health and fitness.

Top Exercises to Compliment Yoga


Cardio workouts are essential in keeping your heart and lungs in top shape. Doing them will also help you improve in your yoga exercise. The recommended cardio workouts include brisk walking, cycling, running, and water aerobics class. Household chores like lawn mowing and general cleaning even count, as long as they raise your heart rate. You can make your cardio workouts more exciting by doing it with friends. Thirty minutes of cardio activity is already beneficial.

Slack Lining and Tightroping

Slack lining or tightroping is a great addition to your yoga practice. Yoga is calm, slow, and centered. This activity, however, requires a certain level of ferocity and energy. You will need to jump on a rope that is about half an inch. Like yoga, slack lining also needs continued focus to stay on track.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is another complementary exercise. If you have never climbed before, this activity can feel a bit strange for the first time. You will need to use your dexterity and agility, as well as balance and strength. It helps almost all your muscle groups, from the back and arms, to your legs, feet, and knees. It becomes more challenging when you tackle the difficult courses as you will need to place yourself in unique positions. This option will test your focus on the present moment, something that a lot of people seek in meditation.


Interval training is a short, but effective way to torch calories. It requires you to complete a set of different workouts within a short time. The idea is to constantly transition from high intensity to the recovery phase. This workout can be as short as 20 minutes, and as long as 45 minutes. It supplements your yoga practice because it helps improve your balance, synchronization, and versatility. As a result, you will have a better form and become more efficient during your yoga sessions.

Strength Training

Yoga exercises require you to hold your body weight. Incorporating strength training into your yoga practice will allow you to improve your endurance. It can help you stay on your yoga position longer. Using weights will also enable you to focus on each muscle group, since yoga provides a total body strength workout. Doing strength training regularly will offer optimum benefits by promoting muscular balance, helping you prevent any injuries due to imbalance.


Bootcamp is a type of exercise that challenges every muscle in your body. Like the interval training, this one also requires minimal rest in between sets. The goal is to make you feel the intensity and burn. When you constantly move for about an hour, your body will have almost no time to rest.

The minimal rest allows you to burn hundreds of calories in a short period of time. This workout provides a long-lasting post-workout burn that many people long for. Your yoga sessions will serve as your recovery and cool-down process after a great bootcamp training.


Most people believe that rowing is all about the arms and back. However, the pulling movements will also require you to use your legs. A high-intensity rowing session can give a you a higher level of fat burn and muscle toning, particularly on your upper body. You can help your body recover from this tough workout during your yoga classes. You will eventually be able to hold positions that recruit more upper body muscles in your future yoga sessions.

Final Words

Most yoga positions require more muscle engagement, similar to what you normally experience during strength training. This activity involves doing pushups, squats, planks, lunges, and more. While it does help improve your overall body strength, you will still need to cross-train to become well-rounded. Try one of the seven physical activities described above, and you will eventually find yourself holding yoga positions much better than before.

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