Top 15 Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2015

If you’re looking to get healthy, lose weight or bulk up there’s never been a better time to get the information you need to do so.

There are countless blogs and websites dedicated to healthy living and fitness nowadays; it’d be next to impossible to go through them all and not find one that suits your style.

From cross fit to women’s fitness, there is something for everyone. But it can be hard to navigate all of these choices. How can you tell the real fitness gurus from the amateurs?

To help you weed out the phonies, here is a list of the top fifteen fitness blogs to follow in 2015. Take the confusion out of the equation so you can get to work on your goals and find the perfect blog to help you on your quest to fitness.

1.) Nerd Fitness

blog1This blog deserves the # 1 spot. It’s been around for 6 years and has a wealth of information from recipes to different workout styles and even success stories. It has a really laid back, motivational feel; they certainly don’t push you hard on this site. They give you the tools you need to battle the demons that hold you back while revealing the superhero underneath.

2.) Blogilates


Best known for her thirty day challenges, Blogilates’ owner Cassey Ho takes fitness to a whole new level. Cassey’s infectious personality keeps you going when you want to drop and the great moves she features targets muscles you didn’t even know you had! She also has a library of quick videos so you can get a workout in even when you’re super short on time, and has some super cute fitness products should you be in the market for new fitness gear.

3.) Dai Manual


Dai’s blog holds a plethora of fitness knowledge, paleo recipes and motivational posts. If you have kids, you’ll love the family section and people who are lost when it comes to fitness can gain some hope when they visit the resource center filled to the brim with workouts.

4.) Workout Mommy


Initially geared towards moms, this blog has branched out and now has ideas, tips and tricks for every type of lifestyle. It has motivational success stories, recipes and ways to incorporate fitness into even the busiest of schedules. This site is perfect for anyone that has always had the excuse of “I don’t have time to work out!”

5.) Daily Barbell Shrugged


This blog is my go to blog for strength. If you want to be strong, you’re in the right place! It has exercises and tips to create the toughest version of yourself you’ve ever known. Get training nuggets of wisdom from experts and get ready to muscle up!

6.) Girls Gone Strong


This site is where girls go when they’ve had enough of the 3 lb. dumbbells and want to get seriously toned. If you’re looking for some motivation, check out the GGS spotlight where they highlight some pretty amazing ladies that can do some downright incredible things!

7.) Remodel Fitness


This blog is all about positive self image wrapped up in a beautiful fitness website package. There are training tips, health articles and musings from owner Jessi Kneeland. It’s more laid back than some of the other blogs and it expertly handles the emotional/mental side of weight loss a bit more than the other sites listed.

8.) Tony Gentilcore


This blog is not for the weak or the unmotivated. Tony lists exercises you should be doing and has a great series called “stuff to read while you’re pretending to work.” His site is straight forward and to the point and great for anyone that doesn’t know where to start.

9.) Breaking Muscle


This blog has it all: workouts, recipes, podcasts, videos and weight loss tips! It’s a collaborative effort amongst a crackerjack team of coaches, trainers and fitness gurus that results in the best cutting edge health information all in one blog! It can be overwhelming, but it’s a phenomenal resource. It’s packed with all sorts of fun ways to work out, so it’s great for people that are bored with their current routine, or can’t seem to find exercise they really love.

10.) Tabata Times


This blog is dedicated to crossfit lovers around the globe! Come here for support, workouts and training advice specifically for people who are addicted to crossfit! It’s set up magazine style, so you can peruse all of their great articles at your leisure.

11.) Hello Healthy


This site is amazingly easy to navigate with only four categories of eat, move, live and learn. Hello Healthy contains not only loads of super yummy low-calorie recipes but also a great variety of exercises and training tips to satisfy all levels of fitness enthusiasts. If you’re looking to stay fit mentally, as well, don’t pass up the “live” section; it has great goal setting and happiness tips.

12.) Darebee


This blog encompasses fitness and health in all of its many varieties. It has exercise programs & nutrition tips galore. The site even has awesome challenges to join if that’s the motivation you need to get the results you’re seeking!

13.) Ask Lauren Fleshman


If you are a runner, this is the site for you. The brain-child of professional runner Lauren Fleshman, this site gives you all of the running advice, gear and tips you could ever want to get the most out of your next mile!

14.) Tone it Up


This blog is just stunning! The owners, Karena and Katrina, are based in Hawaii so almost all of their photography is candy for the eyes. Mixed in with plenty of beauty, you’ll find workout programs, challenges and plenty of motivation with success stories sprinkled throughout the site.

15.) The Lean Green Bean


This site covers fitness and health from A-Z. Its best feature is the treasure trove of healthy recipes to cover even the pickiest of eaters. But don’t overlook the exercise section where workouts from cross fit to treadmills are covered.

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